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About us

Freedom Seekers was established in January of 2005.  We have witnessed thousands making a commitment to Jesus Christ. During this time, we have housed and assisted over 1,000 individuals coming out of the Department of Corrections, local jails, and off the streets. Our ministry focuses on outreach to our communities for individuals and families needing recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, addictions, poverty, and hopelessness.  In addition to our ministry in Carroll County jail, we are also in Benton and Washington counties where we provide recovery, spiritual, and community re-entry support. We have witnessed thousands of decisions for Jesus Christ over the years. We are a faith-based organization.


In 2006 we opened our first Freedom Seekers Restoration Center in Blue Eye, Missouri. We use Restoration Centers for worship services, individual counseling, community outreach, and much more. In 2007 we opened our first transitional living home, The Freedom House, in Lampe, Missouri. The Freedom House was primarily for men coming out of the Department of Corrections and men in our area in need of recovery.


In 2011, we joined Harvest Assembly, in Oak Grove, Arkansas, where Senior Pastors Todd and Karin Rogers have welcomed and supported us and we are blessed to be a part of a dynamic and growing church.

In 2014 God expanded our territory. We opened a new Restoration Center in Berryville, Arkansas. In 2015 we opened David's House of Hope. This is a men's transitional living home that is located in Berryville, Arkansas.  In 2022 we opened another home for men and women in Benton County, Arkansas. These are all sober living homes that provide long-term support and structure for men and women recovering from addiction and trauma-related disorders. Because recovering from addiction and trauma is an inherently difficult,  and often painful process, we strive to provide our clients with a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment. We assist men, women, and their families as they discover the joy, power, and rewards that await them in a relationship with Jesus Christ and His plan for healing and recovery.  

Our Leadership
Ron & Kim Hutchins

CEO/Executive Directors

(417) 527-3216

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       Bryan Hutchins

Executive Administrator

Director of Housing and Safety

Nick & Christi Rogers
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